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Ministry for Tomorrow

The “Ministry for Tomorrow” (MfT) was a global leadership program, powered by the Greek Economic Forum and rooted in social enterprise principles. It connected high-potential young Greek delegates of the world with influencers and institutions from the academic and business spheres in a constructive and purposeful manner. Its main goal was to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to fulfil their potential and shape the future of industry, politics, science and social innovation in Greece. Simultaneously, the MfT created an ecosystem that fosters and promotes collaboration among key pillars of future economic development (business, academia, politics, future talent) to drive innovation and achieve thought leadership.


The MfT project offered tailored leadership development schemes to candidates, focused on a wide range of topics in collaboration with reputable universities and institutions in the world in fields such as Policy and Human Rights; Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship; New Technologies & Science. Acting as a bridge between young Greek leaders and institutions but also, importantly, as a platform for increased collaboration and communication among academia, politics, and business to promote progressive dialogue and address some of Greece's greatest challenges. Moreover, MfT principles believe in the potential and power of the young generation to drive innovation and turn dialogue into action.

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