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Greeks of the world Welcome home

GEF between 2016 and 2017 implemented its global campaign “Greeks of the World, WELCOME HOME”, which aimed at integrating a network of global partners, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, sustainable economic growth and investments in Greece by enabling and fostering collaboration between Greeks and Philhellenes across the globe.

The Greek paradox stems from the concept of “Greater Greece”, where traditionally Greeks travelled, explored and lived abroad excelling in different domains. Many Greeks living outside the Greek borders across the continents have successful careers and businesses, being recognized internationally for their work and making all Greeks proud for their achievements.  During the economic crisis, Greece had been suffering from a high number of “brain drain”, where many young people and experienced professionals were seeking opportunities abroad. On the one hand, this had a negative effect on the country as promising people left Greece, however, on the other hand, we found globally many prominent Greeks who're always keen on helping back home from where they are by coming together, exchanging ideas and identifying solutions. 

A series of international gala dinners were hosted between 2016 and 2017 by the Greek Economic Forum in strategic locations around the world to launch the WELCOME HOME campaign. The locations were chosen for their status, as financial, business and art hubs, as well as their Greek / Philhellene characters. These were London, New York, Athens, Dubai, and Monaco.


Moreover, these initiatives facilitated the process of action by making Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) mainly in the tourism, hospitality, and real estate industry.

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