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Paving the way for the future of Greece

The Greek influential organization

for public-private





The Greek Economic Forum (GEF) is a global organization with a mission to generate sustainable economic growth through supporting business and investments in Greece. Our mission is to forge global strategic alliances with organizations in business and in governments for the benefit of entrepreneurship and business development in Greece. 


We target to organise sectorial events in the form of conferences and round-table discussions globally [by connecting] with high level (influential) participants and business leaders who can share their experience or endeavours in investing in such an important geographical location that makes Greece a unique and alternate investment destination.


We encourage and facilitate the dialogue between corporates, thought leaders and government that aims to create value and opportunities and form the strategic pillars of FDIs. 



In this process, the Greek Economic Forum is the cornerstone communicating tool that aims to establish a winning strategy in the process of unleashing a wave of innovation and economic growth. 



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Throughout the years the Greek Economic Forum fosters an intensive dialogue on both sides of the Atlantic galvanising a framework for the integration of a network of global thought leaders, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, sustainable economic growth and investments in Greece.